Ring sizes

The ring sizes are specified according to the inner ring diameter in millimeters. Please refer to the ring size chart to ensure you are ordering the right size.

How to determine your ring size

If you don’t know your ring size, we recommend having your finger sized by a local jeweler. Or you can use our ring size chart at home as a guide. Please download and print this file and follow instructions.

It is best to measure the size of the finger when the room temperature is regular as in cold or hot environments fingers appear smaller or larger respectively. Please note that wide rings are more pressing than the narrow ones so choosing a slightly larger size is recommended for rings of wide design.

Ring size exchanges

If you purchase a ring and decide the fit isn’t ideal, we can do an exchange if the ring is in unworn condition. If you need to resize your ring, please contact us. Shipping costs however will be your responsibility.

12.50.4939.41.56B40 ½¾
130.5140.81.61C ½411 ½
13.50.5342.41.67D ½42 ½2
140.5544.11.72F442 ¾
14.50.5745.51.79G45 ½3 ½
15.50.6248.61.91I ½48 ½4 ½
160.6450.21.98K505 ½
16.50.6651.72.04L ½525 ¾
170.6853.22.1M ½53 ½6 ½
17.50.754.92.16N ½557
180.7256.42.22P56 ½7 ½
18.50.7458.22.29Q588 ½
190.7659.42.36R ½59 ½9
19.50.7861.22.41S ½619 ½
200.862.82.47U62 ½10
20.50.8264.32.54V6410 ¾
210.8466.22.6W ½65 ½11 ½
21.50.8667.52.66X ½6712
220.8868.82.72Y ½68 ½12 ¾
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