KŪNOKŪNUI is a conceptual jewelry label by designer Kotryna Vaitekūnaitė-Jonušienė. Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Kotryna works with precious metals to create beautiful objects that speak to the body. Each piece is crafted by hand, one at the time.

KŪNOKŪNUI is Lithuanian for “what is of the body belongs to the body”.

KŪNOKŪNUI is a creative idea which claims that jewelry is dedicated to the body. KŪNOKŪNUI jewelry is first modelled on a person to create the most natural fit and feel of every piece.

Kotryna studied jewelry design at the Academy of art’s in Vilnius and graduated in 2013.

Since 2011 Kotryna participate in contemporary jewelry exhibitions in Lithuania and Europe.

In 2016 Kotryna has staged her first solo exhibition in Vilnius showcasing all her works to date. Besides working on her own label, Kotryna also creates unique pieces that are made to order and organises workshops for those wanting to directly engage in jewelry-making process.

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